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DEPC treated water Vs HPLC grade water - (Feb/14/2012 )

We are using NucliSENS EasyMAG automatic extractor for Nucleic acid extraction. Recently, we are suspecting contamination in the internal tubing and planning to decontaminate. According to instrument manual we need DEPC treated water for this purpose. At present we do not have DEPC, but we have lots of HPLC grade water. Can we use these HPLC grade water as replacement of DEPC treated water? I am not sure whether HPLC grade water contain Nucleases or DNA/RNA.

Please share your expertise.


1) This will only matter if you are isolating RNA with your instrument. DNA doesn't care about RNAse contamination.

2) I would trust HPLC water to be as good or better than DEPC treated water. You may go broke, however.


Thanks phage434. Your suggesions were very helpful..