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Loading controls - (Feb/14/2012 )

Hi everybody,

I am currently using westerns to quantify a decrease in protein concentrations after knockdown using oligo-morpholinos. My protein of interest has a molecular weight of 36kDa. I was using GAPDH as a loading control, but because it has the same molecular weight as my protein of interest, I have to strip the membrane before looking at the control. That then leads to the problem of quantifying the decrease in concentration of my protein of interest.

Does anybody know of a good loading control that has a different molecular weight that works well with chicken tissue. I want to avoid using a cytoskeletal protein control (such as b-actin or tubulin), as my protein of interest is a cytoskeletal protein and may have an effect on other sarcomeric proteins?

I was considering lamin b1 (66kDa), but there may be a better control.

Many thanks,


I am not an expert with chicken tissues, Just a suggestion. How about Cyclophilin A ?