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cell plating density - (Feb/10/2012 )

hi everyone,
I am kind of confused with the number of cells needed to plate in a well plate..
data i have:
cell/ mL : 6.175 X 10^5
suspension volume (Trypsin + FBS) : 4 mL
I need to add 100 micro L of 10 ^ 5 cell/mL for the above.. how do i do that?
If i need to add 5 X 10^4 cells per well in a well do i do it?

please respond ASAP



you have 6x 10^5cells/ml and you need 1x 10^5cells/ ml cells, so your stock is 6 fold concentrated.

Dilute the cell suspension by 6 fold (1 ml of stock + 5 ml media should do it) and you should have the right density. and add 100ul into each well.

Does this make sense?


yup...i got it.... have done it already :) thanx for the reply