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Relationship to former PhD supervisor - (Feb/10/2012 )

In my lab, most former or finishing PhD students have a horrendous relationship with the boss. I'm just wondering, how common that is - could you fill in the poll please? That might be interesting for many people...

cheers, d


I kind of got along quite nicely with my PhD boss , until I told him, I was quitting. Then he was quite mad and since then we have communicated only once.




I cannot vote, I've a quite normal and friendly relation to my former PhD supervisor, nor hate or love or whatever...


I get along very well with my supervisors. Most of the people I know do, I did not meet many people who hate their supervisors after finishing their thesis, most have either a good relationship or get along well. However, an "emotional" relationship during the hot phase of writing your thesis seems to be normal ;)


I am not doing my PhD, just my MSc... currently not get along very well with the main one (thought of ask graduate school to replace the main with the co-), below normal with the co- but still okay (I dont feel the sincerity and honesty from her)...... but never till the situation that I campaign against them. I am the kind of student who I did what they want me to, but when I need help that time they seldom appeared to help me (eg: cant expect me to get results on time when there are no thermalcycler to use). It seems that they always avoid to talk to me after they had given me empty promises (booked thermalcycler but not for me to have priority in using it).

I not sure hows my situation, as long they can let me graduate, I'm fine with it.

-Adrian K-

Again like Adrian, no PhD supervisor. But my supervisor for my MSc was a gem of a person. He was (and still remains although I am not a part of his lab anymore) very cordial, willing to help and always available for discussions.

I still remember that on day 1 of my project, he showed me how to make an agarose gel. It just goes to show he was more than willing to spend time with his (new) students and that according to me is a great quality to have as a supervisor. So, yes, I voted for I love him (in a professional way) and wish that more supervisors were like him.

The PhD students did complain that he was terrible to them and expected you to come over weekends/ come early to the lab (irrespective of how late you stayed back) and so on... but guess most supervisors do that. No one says, Take it easy! Your PhD can wait but this weekend party is a must go! :P