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Clarification on some biology terms. - (Feb/09/2012 )

"the gene is separated by four crossovers in a panel of 1800 meioses and two crossovers in a panel of 396 meioses."

Can someone explain me what this sentence means? Specifically what "X crossover in a panel of X meioses" means. Also, what is meant by "limiting genetic markers"?



This has to do with locus mapping and genetic linkage:

Crossovers happen during meiosis. For two loci (or markers) that are far apart, there is a higher probability that a crossover will ocurr between them. For 1800 meiotic events, you have 1800 chances for a crossover to occur between two loci. The lower the number of crossovers, the closer the loci.

-David C H-

Ah, I did not know they where referring to DNA crossover and meioses.
Thank you for the explanation.

One more thing. I'm not quite sure if I understand this so if you can tell me what I'm about to say is correct I'll appreciate it.

A contig, consisting of 10 bacteal artificial chromosome (BAC) clones and 5 yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) one, was analyzed by sequencing. Nearly 40,000 reads were obtained from shotgun-cloned genomic DNA, bringing over 2.1 Mb the central contig to a near-contiguous state and yielding dense coverage of >95% of the entire critical region.

They sequenced a contig constructed from 10 BACS and 5 YAC. Analysis of the sequence showed over 2.1 megabases to be near-contiguous with a dense coverage of >95% of the critical region.

Dense coverage means there was most of the bases were known through sequencing, right?


Dense coverage means that they had a lot of different seqences that all showed the same sequence and all covering approximately the same region.