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Hybridmas- does anyone have experience with them? Please help - (Feb/05/2012 )

This is my first time working with my hybridomas and I notice in my 6-well plates that I can see a lot of little white dots and when I look under the microscope I see pretty circular cells. I just want to make sure that those are the hybridomas and not contamination. I'm use to working with adherent cells or suspensions cells so I don't normally see the cells unless I use a microscope. So I want to make sure all those white dots are hybridomas. Thanks. Plus if anyone have advice on working with hybridomas, I would love to hear it.


Do you have a photo you can upload for us?

In general though, if you can see white dots in your media I'm sorry but I'm almost certain you have contamination.

What do the dots look like when you see them under the microscope?


White dots can also be due to cell clumping. We regularly see dots in cell lines that are either grown in serum free media or have a general tendency to clump. I agree, we need an image to see what's happening.