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Co-IP and LC-Mass - (Feb/04/2012 )

I want to use lc-mass to analyzes my co-ip .
My first question is does the buffer of co-ip can be directly used in lc-mass. I hear the buffer of co-ip cannot be used with 2D gel.
My second question this how many compositions can be analyzed using the method(co-ip add lc-mass) and how much the loading quality needed.
My third question is whether two co-ip is needed I see somebody use two different epitopes to ip the protein for example using antibody for FLAF tag and the protein own. Whether 2 co-ip need relatively more protein loading.
What is lc-mass-mass? The advantage by adding additional mass.

thanks alot!


waitting for your answer



Are you planning on doing your own LC-MS/MS analysis? My colleagues and I at MS Bioworks have an analytical service specifcally tailored for the analysis of Co-IP samples. If you would like to learn more please call 734-929-5083 or email

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