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Best plasmid for GFP + Mammalian Selection - (Feb/02/2012 )

Hey everyone,

I plan on performing a nucleofection on primary neural progenitor cells derived from IPSCs so I can label them with GFP and generate a stable line. The only vectors I have found that are compatible are for lentiviral transductions such as this one:

I plan on linearizing the GFP + puromycin region then performing the transfection. Do I need to add in PolyA signals downstream of GFP and puromycin in order to get expression to generate stable clones? Do any of you know of any other plasmids on addgene which would have GFP + a selectable marker that are not designed for lentiviral work?



you could use the lentiviral vector for transfecting and making stable cell lines. I have made many stable cells lines with lenti vectors.