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Doís and Donítís for pH meter usage and measurement ? - (Feb/01/2012 )

What would you all list down as the Do’s and Don’t’s for pH meter usage and measurement ?

As a starter I have listed down few points below…please keep on adding


<*>Ensure that pH meter is properly calibrated before usage
<*>After usage probe should be kept in storage solution

<*>dont let the pH probe become dry

please add on more points


this handbook from radiometer should give you some answers.

you should also look at the manuals for the specific pH meter and electrodes that you are using (if you don't have them they are often available at the manufacturers' website).
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temperature control
maintenance on a regular basis
don't break the glass membrane while using


Better ask someone in charge of the lab to explain the Do's and Don'ts, before starting to use it