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yeast growth in SC-ura medium - (Jan/25/2012 )

Hi all
I have suggest started working on yeast transformation and I am little bit confused with the result I obtained to that of theory.
My yeast mutant strain is not deficient in His and Trp, but uracil, and the plasmid I transformed into it has uracil so it shall complement for it in the nutrient medium deficient in uracil, His and TRP. I grew the mutant strain in SC-ura- medium( Yeast Nitrogen base, glucose only and no amino acids) without any plasmid so no growth was seen. Similarly, the mutant strain transformed with plasmid grew in the same medium.
Now, I am confused that since I have added no other AAs into the medium how is the transformed yeast growing in the medium. Can yeast grow in medium without amino acids and produce for its own?



Do you use Uracil dropout mixture? If so it contains all the other amino acids except Uracil.