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Three clones of a cell line? - (Jan/22/2012 )

I am looking at BCR/ABL expression of two philadelphia positive cell lines. According to plan, I have to use three clones of each cell line and do a PCR in triplicates. How long do I have to grow a cell line in three different flasks to call them different clones of a cell line? Is there any guideline or definition


Three clones of a single cell means, you pick up single cell from each cell line, grow those single cells to a desired cell density and perform your experiment.


Hi Kamran,
Thank you very much for your reply. how would I pick one cell from an aliquot of cells and how would I grow them? Is there any protocol for that? I thawed three frozen vials of a cell lines and grew them separately. Would you consider them as three clones?


No, three vials are not considered clones. Have a look for protocols relating to limited dilution and/or colony selection.