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Need replacement spin columns for Qiagen's Blood and Tissue DNeasy Kit - (Jan/18/2012 )

We still have all the buffers necessary for Qiagen's DNeasy Blood and Tissue kit, and they're all still fresh as well. We are just out of the DNeasy Mini Spin columns.

To order more spin columns from Qiagen requires you to purchase the rest of the kit as well, which is unnecessary and ridiculously expensive. However, I found these:

Has anyone had any experience with these columns, and do they work as well? I'm going to request a free sample but if anyone's got a review of this product I'd love to hear it.



I am actually having the same problem.

Did you ever try those columns? If so, did they work?, and what is the nature of your sample?


Email the company, but yes they should work. Silica columns are not really proprietary and every company uses the same one. The columns may differ in the grade of plastic and the design, but the principle will be the same.