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ImageJ- I really need help - (Jan/16/2012 )


please, can anybody help me???
How can I make two line to an area. I want to draw two lines and connect them, so that I get a selected area. I think it could work with ROI Manager, but I don´t know how?

And I have an other question. Can I get a table wth datas from different commands. For example I need in "measure" the area of the complete selection and "analyze particles", too. Is it possible to get these both in one table?

Could maybe help me anybody, please?

Best regards

Hello Alois
Sorry, it's not exactly clear what you're asking. What 'two lines' are you wanting to get connect to get an area? Do you mean draw two (straight/curvy?) lines on your image, then connect them up (how? straight line?) and get the bounded area?

As for getting the data into a single table I'm afraid you will probably have to copy it to a separate file (e.g. in Excel) unless the numbers are being generated by the same ImageJ plugin.

If you can clarify on the first one I'll do my best to help. All the best,

-Martin Fitzpatrick-