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RNA purity - (Jan/12/2012 )

Hi everybody,

I am working with a very complicated samples and when I extract RNA I obtain extrange relationships.
Usually I analyze the relationship 260/280 (between 1,8-2,1) for the protein contamination and 260/230 (between 2 -2,4) for chemicals contaminations. For normal samples I have always obtain good relationships but with this samples you never know.

I know that if these relationships are so low it means that the sample is contaminated. But what does it mean if the relationships are so high?

Can anyone help me?

Thanks you very much.



what are the actual readings. if they are low then the ratios will be exaggerated.


It's probably due to excess of nucleic acid and less proteins in the sample.

Last time I got 260/280 ratio ~3.0 however, I did not get any noise in RT-PCR.......... even in -RT control.


Thanks. It may be bacouse of the reading....