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Protein measurements in 2% Triton X samples - (Jan/11/2012 )

Hi all,

do any of you know what techniques can be used to determine protein quantity in cell lysates that contain 2% triton x. I have lysed my cells in lysis buffer containing 2% triton, because I am looking at a membrane bound protein (LC3) by WB.

Bradford etc. reagents are reacting very! good with Triton X, and the reagent gets saturated very fast by Triton.

Any suggestions?

-Dino Demirovic-

the bca protein assay is compatible with up to 5% triton x-100 (1% other tritons)


I have observed similar interference using a 2% Triton x-100 lysis buffer with Bradford assay.

Because triton reacts with coomassie blue (Bradford reagent), I ran a serial dilution of triton x-100 while keeping the rest of the buffer the same (no protein). The serial dilution was the following:

2%, 1%, 0.5%, 0.25%, 0.125%, 0.0625%, 0.03125%, 0.0156%, and 0% triton x-100 (in HBSS).

I found that loss of interference by triton x occurred somewhere near 0.0625%, which could explain why many lysis buffer recipes only use 0.05% triton x (presumably because their designers were using the Bradford assay)

Thus if you find sufficient yield with as low ad 0.05% triton, the Bradford is a suitable quantification technique.