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Conversion - (Jan/11/2012 )

Can we convert ug/ul to pmol/ml????
if so how can i convert 1.7ug/ul to 5pmol/ml

Could any one help me

Thanks in advance


yes you can. calculate how much pmol of your compound is in 1.7µg then you can convert it, use MW of your compound to know it.

µg and pmol is totally different Unit you cannot convert it directly like µg to pg.


thanx for the reply biouday.

im not sure how to carry on with it....
the mol wt of the compound is 17708.7g/mol


number of moles= mass/molar mass (n=m/Mr) and concentration=number of moles/volume (c=n/v) are the two equations you need. Remember to keep your units the same when you are doing your calculations - if working in ug, stay in ug, don't start working ing mg or g.