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Bradford method - (Jan/11/2012 )

Im sonfused about :

Which step that significantly reduces the yield of your product protein?
What are the important factors in performing Bradford assay correctly?
Is BSA good to use for my standard curve ?

Thanks for ur help !


2. stay in the "linear" part of the assay, dilute your samples if necessary.
3. That's the most used protein for creating a standard curve.


3. you may find that bovine gamma globulin (bgg) is a better standard for comparison with most proteins when performing the bradford assay (bsa gives ~2x the response of bgg and many other proteins).


In the first question, I think incubation step is too long so it leads to death phase , is it right dear ?


1. which system?
3. add. to mdfenko: lysozym or artificial protein mix

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