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loop-mediated amplification - (Jan/09/2012 )

Hi there. Is anyone out there doing loop-mediated amplification (LAMP). I already design the primers using Primer Explorer as suggested by the Eiken Chemical. but unfortunately, my non-template control produced non-specific amplification and got band on agarose comparable with reaction containing DNA template. how do you guys overcome this. how do you design proper primers to overcome the non-specific reactions. I did check the 3' end stability etc. what should I do?

thanx in advance

-Sueanne Sakura-

I had design few primers to date in LAMP. All I can say is you have to design/try more than one set of primers (on a single gene) for LAMP assay. If the gene is not working try other gene. Sometimes the removal of FIP and BIP will helps.
Thats all I can say.

-Adrian K-

Hi all, 
I am currently conducting a research on the primer design as many LAMP users find it difficult to get their way around getting a validated and optimised functional primer.
I was wondering if their are any assay that are any assay that are optimised and validated ready to use assays/primers for specific target. would it not safe time and add to the convenience besides getting a functional primer ?.

-Thungdemo Ovung-