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SURE cells - (Jan/03/2012 )

Please tell me anyone, I have to recover plasmid pUHD10-3, to recover it has mentioned that, plasmid is to be co transformed with pUHD15-1 plasmid. but it is given, pUHD15-1will selected in SURE E.coli cells only. I do not have SURE E.coli cells. Is it possible to possible to use DH5alpha instead of SURE E.coli cells? It is very help full to me if some one can clarify


Plasmid data sheet
Probably you were told to use SURE cells because this plasmid forms a secondary structure that normal Eco strains may cut out. If you don't have SURE cells, can't get ones and have enough of plasmid, you could try DH5aplha, but you may have serious problems with propagation in this strain so better check the plasmid preps, if they contain the complete plasmid. Maybe you'll find you can't grow it there.