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Autoclaving is my problem - (Dec/27/2011 )

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They make a point, even if it seems like a waste to buy so many disposable tubes and throw them away after use, it will save both time and alot of wasted effort int he long run. It seemed like a bit of a waste to me when I first started in the lab too, but there are good reasons. I don't believe they are that expensive either, although those orders are usually handled by the general lab supplies where I work so I have no idea on prices.


Guys, these are a very good advice.
but I want to know the other options,
Perhaps BD got bankruptcy and no more manufacturing ,
I want to know the alternatives specially we have this new autoclave machine with no drying function.
An autoclave with a drying function will be a bite expensive than mine, but it will save me my time, and your time too.
I tried to contact the local suppliers to buy these disposable containers, and I will see if I can buy it or not


Seriously, drying the inside of your flasks really isn't an issue, we certainly never worry about it. There are many manufacturers of the tubes (over here we usually call them Falcon tubes, although lots of companies make them, try BD Falcon, Corning, etc) The single most important thing to avoid infection is that once a bottle has been autoclaved; to never open it outside of the hood.

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