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Guessing candidate miRNAs from mRNA microarray - (Dec/18/2011 )

Hi every one,

There are several articles that have worked on the effect of a certain compound (of interest in my project) on mice. They have results from mRNA microarrays and have identified differentially expressed genes and pathways in the response of mice to the chemical.
Is there a way that I use this information to "guess" the putative miRNA alterations in human response to the aforementioned compound?

Thank you in Advance


Though it is doable, I expect that the signal to noise ratio will be very low, considering your treatment may have effects on gene expression at all regulation levels and miRNA changes are just a tiny bit of all these changes. I think there is a little hyper in the miRNA field and everyone is trying to associate everything (gene expression, disease, etc) with miRNA, the same thing researchers did in the past decade on DNA methylation.


Dear Epigenetist,

Do you have any idea how this could be done?