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Quick lysis of gram- bacteria (bugbuster like) - (Dec/13/2011 )


I'm trying to find an easy, quick and inexpensive lysis protocol for Salmonella enterica (For protein analysis). I don't want to use sonnication because of many different culture conditions. Freeze taw is rather slow...
Bugbuster (Novagen) is a perfect solution for this. It lysis the whole culture in minutes. But, is verry expensive..

Does anyone have an idea what the crucial compound of Bugbuster might be? Or does anyone use a similar home made lysis buffer?

Thank you verry much.






Thanks for the quick respons, but is this number correct? I find the patent For a lock for a vehicle door.


Sorry. That should have been 6174704. It's by Pierce (now Thermo) and describes the components of the B-Per reagent, which was the first of these gentle lysis reagents. You can buy one of these at Sigma at substantially reduced rates.
See also PMID: 6237644.