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buffer exchange - (Dec/11/2011 )


So, I have a purified protein, and I have to exchange the buffer (DTT interfering with downstream binding to the Ni column).

The problem is that I have very small volume (10 uL, 6 uM) of the protein?

Could anyone recommend a type of column to use?
Anyone has experience with low volumes?

Thanks a lot!!


you could use a sephadex g-25 spin column but you will significantly dilute your protein.

you can try drop dialysis.


I thought that drop dialysis is used for nucleic acids. At least I use it for that only.

I will try sephadex g 25 column. But I'm still worried about the small volume.. :/


Actually I'm going to order this:

They say it works with very small volumes.

Does anyone have experaience with it?