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rityProbe Integrity in Mastermix during loading 96 well plate - (Dec/01/2011 )

Hi everyone,

I just have a quick query regarding the use of the probe oligo in a real time pcr experiment.

I have needed to load a full 96 well plate with 30 different samples in duplicate and It took me an hour to do to check I was pipetting into the right well. During that time I tried to cover the plate with foil in between pipetting to limit any photobleaching the probe. Will my probe be ok? If not, are there ways of doing my real time run again, this time without risking any degradation in my probe mastermix?

Thanks in anticiptation.

Kind regards,

Tawny Owl

-Tawny Owl-

I personally don't think that would affect the results. If the probe will be "photobleached" a bit, this will be same in all wells, so if you're comparing within the plate, there wouldn't be any difference.


Thank you, Trof. It's put my mind at rest. I am running the prepared plate today so I'll see what happens. :)

-Tawny Owl-