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a protocol for ELISA without FCS - (Nov/29/2011 )

I'm looking for an ELISA procedure i can coduute without usinf FCS (fetal calf serum- yeah they kill the calf and the cow just to extract a s small amount...). any suggestion? I'm using ovalbumin as the antigen.
thank you

p.s.- i found this article but they worked with insulin- i wonder how well will it work on ovalbumin... what do you think?


sorry, don't mind the article


This book chapter lists some commonly used blocking agents- I guess you can investigate them yourself and see which works for your particular assay.....


I don't understand your question. You want to make an assay for ovalbumin WITHOUT using any FCS or BSA?

Tissue culture can be done without bovine additives.

You can also incorporate synthetic peptides, milk proteins, fish proteins, etc in your buffers and assay components.
Is this of any help?