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immunofluorescence using 3 antibodies like a sandwich - (Nov/29/2011 )

Hi everyone! I have a question about immunofluorescence. I want to detect protein X and my Primary antibody is: Guinea Pig anti -X . The problem is that the only anti Guinea Pig secondary antibody I have is: Goat anti-Guinea Pig IgG HRP conjugate (I use it for WB). So I would like to know if I can do an Immunofluorescence using that 2 antibodies and an anti goat-FITC (like a sandwich). So anybody knows if I can do that? Has it been done before?


Although I haven't tried this exactly, I think it should work.


It should work; a lot of the immunocytochemisty systems use a 3 antibody set up for detection.


OK. Ill try it, Thanks