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isolation of genomic bacterial DNA (bacillus) - (Nov/28/2011 )

Hi to all,
i am working on bacillus strains and extracting their DNA by standard Phenol/chloroform extraction method using SDS and CTAB/NaCl, but i'm unable to isolate good, unsmeared and darker DNA bands. i have also even changed the concentrations and quantities but still no success.Using CTAB method was also not successful.
please anyone can suggest a protocol for isolating good quality DNA from Bacteria specially Bacillus.
H Muzzamal

-Hira Muzzamal_27321-

Key for isolation in gram + bacterial is cell lysis, which may not be adequate with SDS and CTAB. An enzyme step may be required with lysozyme, mutanolysin, or similar enzymes. A smear is expected for well isolated genomic DNA and does not indicate a problem.


thanks for ur answer. cell lysis was the main problem i was facing during the procedure.thats why i used the protocol
with and without SDS for DNA.but using CTAB with 2%marceptoethanol was a little helpful but again the only problem was
light i'll try lysozyme in the protocol...
well thanks for help...:)

-Hira Muzzamal_27321-