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cloning blues! - (Nov/27/2011 )

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i got the clones in the blunt end ligation ...but i hve a few doubts . when i transformed in BL21 competant cells couldn isolate plasmid but it cme well with DH5alpha .. can anyone tell me why is it so ?


thanks all for your suggestion .. i successfully finished all the cloning
and i confirmed it with restriction digestion and PCR too .. but somehow when i sent it for sequencing the results didnt come except for one ...

the one that has come is from T7 and SP^ promoter
i wonder how is it possible to have a sequencing result like that ?
waty might have gone wrong ? any clues


I'm confused. Do yo have a single sample, or many samples?
Are you sequencing the same sample with different primers?
If there is a single sample, what do you mean "from T7 and SP6 promoter?"
There should be only a single primer in a sequencing reaction, not two.

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