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Measuring of cDNA bands density - (Nov/23/2011 )


To my unfortunate I am forced to measure the intensity of bands on agarose gel after basic PCR.
I found the Scion Image programe in internet, I read the manual, I follow all steps, I think I understand how it should work and no result. It doesn`t allow me to plot even two adjacent bands.
The example in the manual is for PAGE and protein bands, which are situated in column, not in a single row, how it is on the agarose gels.
Does anybody know what could be the problem and if there is a simple, efficient and free software for analysis of DNA bands?

Many thanks,



I've never used (or even heard of) Scion Image, but for what you want you can use ImageJ. Is free online, and very easy to use.

-almost a doctor-

Thank you very much!


yes you can use ImageJ..

Follow the Link to know more about it