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Can v change the volume of reagents used in kits - (Nov/22/2011 )

Dear all,

One of my junior is working on iron and ferritin kits nd she doesnt have enough volume (1ml) of reagents in kit so she has halved the volume of coloring reagent (0.5ml) along with all the things used in the protocol. Is this correct? can v decrease the volume according to our need while following kits protocol





You can, like phage allready said, but keep one thing in mind: the volume (sometimes) is a certain amount because the test tube/filters needs to have that kind of volume to "work" properly.
But its more about increasing it , when problems arise then when decreasing it.
Also: sometimes you need a certain amount (treshold) to work with it.. but I doubt this is a problem in your case. I dont know your specific kit, but I guess its ok.
(also think about having to low amounts of reagants in your kit for the product you are looking for: you will get a maximum reaction and still not have a reaction with everything => so adjust your sample too if needed)