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concentrating my sample - (Nov/21/2011 )

As a part of my work... I am extracting the seeds with various organic solvents. to study the antioxidant activities.

I need to use a rotary evaporator, for concentrating my sample.. But I dont have the option in my laboratory..

so is there any alternative where I could conc my sample, without getting the compounds decomposed.

thanks in advance.


If you have nitrogen gas, you can stream it under nitrogen gas. If your target compounds are fairly stable, then you may also consider using heating block while streaming nitrogen gas on the surface of your solvents.


There are commercial columns where you can use to concentrate samples via centrifugation if you know the size of your compound of interest.

-science noob-

you may be able to use a speedvac (or equivalent). with what volumes are you dealing?


thanks everyone..