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Gateway cloning vector compatibility - (Nov/21/2011 )

Dear All,

I am totally new to gateway cloning system. I have a few destination vectors but I am wondering if any types of entry vector can be used or I should check the compatibility of the vectors before starting to clone.

Is there any manual for gateway systems that I can use?



Invitrogen's website has a manual that details the gateway system pretty well.


I'm the product manager for Gateway and a long time user. Below is a link to a general Gateway resource page. The biggest factor for the choice of entry clones is frame that they are in if you are going to have a N or C terminal fusion. If you are not planning on having fusions almost any entry clone should work as long as there are compatible att sites. For our entry vectors they are all attL1 & L2 sites to work with the DEST vectors attR1 & R2 sites. If you need more information please feel free to contact me.


-Lifetech - Syn Bio-