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what's more useful in flow cytometry - (Nov/21/2011 )

which wavelength is more useful in flow cytometry? 594nm or 589nm?


You cannot distinguish between 594 and 589nm in Flow Cytometry. I don't know if there are many methods that could...


ohh i see


If you're asking about laser lines, well then the 594nm laser is more useful. Not only can it be used to excite fluorochromes like Texas Red and Alexa 594, it can also excite APC and APC-tandems efficiently. So, you can get more bang for your buck with a 594nm. If you're talking about emission maxima, then 594nm and 589nm are a bit too close to differentiate, unless they were the emission maxima of two fluorochromes that were excited by two different lasers on a system with spatially separated beams. In this case, it would be possible to differentiate the two fluors.