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bacteria - morphology - (Nov/20/2011 )

Hello anyone,

we isolated bacteria from soil and performed transmission electroscopy of this. Selective staining with uranyl acetate and lead citrate was done and some „toothy“ structures on the surface of the bacteria were detected. Uranyl acetate stained it only diffusionally and weakly, after using of lead citrate significantly granular structure was detected. So has somebody any idea about these structures? I attached also photographs of the bacteria.

Thank you very much for potential advices.




interesting ...looks like vesicles
...but to be honest i have no clue :)

Maybe someone else knows better!

Good luck!


Were you expecting something?

I remember a few years back my when I was observing inclusion bodies in bacteria, similar stuff appeared (though mine looked more like skins peeling off the cell)


I found out much later that at different temperatures and growth conditions, biofilm formation will occur. When that happens, it traps matter from the surroundiing that appear as electron-dense objects.

Yours on the other hand look "ordered" to me. It might be something... sorry couldn't be of more help.

Try this:

Post back if you discover anything. Would love to know.