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Cloning of IL8-promoter - (Nov/18/2011 )

Hi everyone,

I am new to molecular biology and I just started following this class.

However we now have a project on the cloning of the IL-8 promoter out of pDD-Zsgreen1 Reporter plasmid and try to place this into pGL3-Basic Vector.

Now I have 2 problems:

I have to find out, how to digest/cut the IL-8 promoter out of pDD-Zsgreen1. I cannot find the IL-8 promoter sequence and I cannot find the right restriction enzyme to cut this promoter.

Does anybody know where I can find the sequence of the IL-8 promoter, so that I can find the right enyzme to cut this promoter?

2nd problem:
My overal knowledge about Molecular Cloning is very low. Does anybody know a book or website where I can read upon this subject, so that I can make a flying start on the project?

Thanks in advance,

I really need to know these things!



-Shaun Rouwen-

to find the human IL8 promoter
try here:
or there:

Do you have the complete sequence of your plamid?


Hey, thanks! i'll take a look at it.

In fact, I dont have the complete sequence of my plasmid yet.
Could I find it somewhere on the internet? I tried 'googeling' it, but couldn't find anything.

-Shaun Rouwen-

Google is always a good start. Do you have a "map" of the plasmid, or the correct full name used in publication?