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Bacterial expression: incorporating radioactivity into overexpressed protein - (Nov/04/2011 )

I'd like to incorporate radioactive amino acids into a protein that's overexpressed in bacteria upon addition of IPTG. It doesn't really matter to me whether the hot amino acids are 35-S or 14-C, the most important thing is that the protein is as hot as possible so that it can be detected readily by autoradiography. So the questions:

1) Can anybody point me in the direction of some type of dropout medium that can be supplemented with hot amino acids?

2) Has anybody done such an experiment and found a high degree of radiolabel incorporation?

3) Does anybody have a reference to a paper that achieved the above?

Many thanks in advance.


there is a system available from takara, especially for protein labeling! ...i would go for such a system because otherwise your precious labled aminoacids are wasted on all the other E. coli proteins!

You can find the details here!

Good luck!

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