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What if I froze a PE-conjugated antibody - (Nov/03/2011 )

Hi all,

I (FACS nube) was too careless to check out the paper that came with the PE-conjugated antibody and I threw it in the freezer for later use. Does anyone have any idea about the drop in activity of frozen phycoerythrin? Is the Ab still usable?
Thanks for the feedback.


I'll reply myself for the rest who might one day need this information. Even though I did freeze a PE-conjugated antibody it still worked and I suppose if you don't do this too often it will continue working without problems.


Antibodies are sure to be fine when frozen and subsequently thawed. Many fluorochromes are also fine, including PE, most of the Alexa dyes, and FITC. Some that don't fair too well freezing are tandem dyes, such as PECy7 and APCCy7. Also, as with most things, you want to avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.