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Glycerol stocks of anaerobic bacteria - (Nov/02/2011 )


Ok so I have cultured from freeze dried stocks Bifidbacterium bifidium and Colinsella aerofaciens anaerobic conditions in liquid culture and streaked onto a plate.

I am wondering if I can simply make them up into glycerol stocks as normal or do I need to do anything extra?

May sound like a simple question, but not worked with anaerobes before and don't want to lose my cultures!

I realise I also need to verify that I have cultured the desired bacteria and not contaminants - thats my next step!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Not ure if I understand what you mean.
But yes, you can store then in glycerol.
You just need to be carefull and ensure you work anaerobicly.
Check out for more information.