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PLATINUM TAQ FOR MSP? - (Nov/02/2011 )

Hi Everybody,

Planning to do MSP-PCR on bisulfite treated DNA. I ordered the Platinum Taq for the MSP-PCR.
I later read in this forum that a proofreading polymerase (i.e polymerase with 3'-5' mismatch repair) can not be used in MSP.

Does anyone know if Platinum Taq would qualify for use in MSP? i did find a few references that did use it though.
but if someone recalls that this combination did'nt work for them, then are there any better suggestions for Taq used in MSP-PCR?

hope to get some advice on this matter.

Thanks for any help.


you may not get efficient amplification with proof reading Taq and Platinum is a proofreading one, I would switch to a hot start taq. It's cheaper too.



Thanks Nick for your reply. will look for a hotstart taq in the lab.