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cell culture media refrigeration - (Oct/25/2011 )

If DMEM a) with L-glutamine B) without L-glutamine is not refrigerated for 1-2 days, what effect will this have?



Homework question?


It is not shipped refridgerated....does that answer your question?????????

Kindest regards.

Uncle Rhombus.


thanks for the replies. is there any harm associated with degraded l-glutamine?


Our media with L-glutamine in it comes shipped cold.
That said- 1 or 2 days at room temp should be fine (if you think about it, your media will be at 37C for that amount of time before you replace it).

I usually replenish L-glu after a month in the fridge.

If this is an ongoing concern of yours, you could consider either purchasing media with a stable l-glu substitute, or purchase media l-glu free and then keep frozen aliquots of l-glu to add just prior to using the media?