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ABI Prism 7700 software - (Oct/24/2011 )


My lab has recently acquired a second hand ABI Prism 7700. Problem is we don't have the software for it. Applied Biosystems have software updates still online for it but all of the manuals say that you need SDS version 1.6.3 before you can use these updates. Applied Biosystems have sent me some versions but all of them are post version 1.6.3 and each manual states that you need this version first. AB say they cannot find a copy to send me so I was hoping perhaps someone out there may have a version which they could send on to me?

Hoping you can help,



I also have the same problem. I purchased a used 7700 with no software.
I have called ABI, and they suggested purchasing the SDS 1.9.1 version.
the part number is 4437034. it'll cost you $168.
if you do get the 1.6.3, please help me with it as well