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why is real time pcr curve like this? - (Oct/21/2011 )


I have a problem with my results of real time pcr.
I use sybr green 1 and rotor-gene (Corbett) for relative real time pcr.
Do you have any suggestion for soloution of my problem?

please look at the picture in attach

my appreciation
Attached Image


It seems as if the scale on your y-axis is fixed at 0 - 100. What happens if you change the scale to either "automatic" or 0 - 15?


I would say it looks ok, but this is the linear view. try to change to log-view to set the baseline and treshold. To see the curves nicer in the linear plot look at the post of jpopesku.


thanks guys

do you think i had amplification in this curve?


tea-test please tell me more about curve nicer

and jpopesku thanks for your sugession

I wait for your answer