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Gelatin 45% dilution - (Oct/19/2011 )

Hi all,

I am willing to use fish gelatin as a blocker (starting from a 45% syrupy, honey-like sticky solution, non pippetable).
Of course I need to dilute it, my question is simple, if anyone has ever used this blocker(from Sigma) how do you handle and prepare the final blocking solution?

Thank you.


I've never used that particular reagent, but if it is too dense to pippet, you can just weight it. Assuming 45% is w/v it's a straight forward calculation for your dilution. If however it is a v/v concentration, you'll need to know the density of the gelatin to calculate how many grams you need of your 45% stock into your final X% dilution.

Hope this helps.

-almost a doctor-

If it is "cold water fish skin gelatin", you can heat it up a bit which will make it much more liquid. I would recommend that you aliquot out a smaller amount to avoid repeat heating the whole volume.