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Software to construct a cladogram from a gel - (Oct/17/2011 )

I've been asked (by my advisor) to analyze ERIC gels through a cladogram. Basically each strain we're analyzing has a band pattern and we have to group them by similarity. Can anybody help me? I've tried to look up a software but I have only found instructions to make cladograms by hand, which would take me too long.
Thanks !


No idea what a ERIC gel is. But band patterns you can sum up for example as 0/1 sets (band there =1 band absent = 0) and then calculate distances/similarities between them with an appropriate program (e.g. Phylip/Arlequin/PAUP and others). Out of this similarity matrix make a tree using a fitting tree-estimating method (UPGMA/NJ/Parsimony...). Software is here PAUP, Phylip, Treeview and many others...
Here is a compendium of software.


Thanks! I'll try that!