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antibiotics interefere with MTT?? - (Oct/17/2011 )


I'd like to know if antibiotics (Pen-Strep) interfere with MTT. I usually use medium without antibiotics but one of my friends followed the exact same protocol that I've been using so far, and for which I was getting good results, except she used medium with antibiotics. now even the control cultures aren't showing formation of formazan crystals after 4hrs of incubation.

the MTT stock was about 2weeks old so i tested it against a bacterial culture to see if that might be the problem, but the bacterial culture turned blue almost immediately.

So as I see it, the antibiotics could be the only problem. Is that right? can anyone provide me with some papers that document this ?



I do MTT all the time with complete medium (FBS + antibiotic) and it works fine.


hey.. thanks for your reply but I got my friend to try out the protocol again minus the antibiotics and the results were perfect.. so well I guess the antibiotics DID interfere for me at least.. got to try and read up more on how or why