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Extrct RNA from fungus in broth medium - (Oct/12/2011 )

Hi friends,

I'm trying to extract the RNA from a fungus. But, I culture the fungus in broth medium (liquid culture). so, I need to know that, the protocol for isolation and purification of total RNA from broth...
I use the avicel broth
Fungus is T.asperellum
Please give suggestions..
pls help me...


Please follow this link;

Isolation of Fungal Nucleic Acids
by Surapareddy Sreenivasaprasad

From: The Nucleic Acid Protocols Handbook
Edited by: R. Rapley © Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ


thank you very much and pls give me the link for download The Nucleic Acid Protocols Handbook on internet..