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Iipoprotein determination - (Oct/11/2011 )


Im currently trying to separate lipoproteins (HDL, VDL, LDL). Once separated is there anyway to determine what I have separated is that particular type of lipoprotein?

I am not in need to quantify the lipoprotein just prove with some degree that it is either HDL, LDL, VLDL.

I shall then dilute the lipoprotein and place them in to a boyden chambre and analyse to see if any THP-1 differentiated macrophages migrate towards them.



as it shows in the pictures with your procedure, the bands will be prominent and you'll be able to determine which is which by their position in the gradient.


But is there a catagorical way to determine what they are. For example if i took samples off the band and gave them to someone but I did not label them. Could i performa test to one confirm they are lipids and secondly that they are either LDL, HDL etc? for some reason im thing of some sort of electrophoresis procedure!


the papers referenced (and linked) in one of your other threads show electrophoretic identification of the three lipoproteins.