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Protoplast isolation from tomato - (Oct/10/2011 )

I am trying to isolate protoplast from tomato, exactly the way Jen Sheen's lab does for Arabidopsis, but the yield is very very poor. Moreover I know that eventually all I see after isolation is collection of chloroplast. I think that the osmotic pressure is very to disturbed. Does anybody have a set of protocol to isolate protoplast from tomato. Kindly suggest.

-Phalguni Tewari-


I have ever been work with protoplast isolation. eggplant,particularly. seems, tomato and eggplant are still in the same solaneceae family,right.

actually, what is your main problem?
though, i am inexperience enough to the protoplast culture field. i am very glad if i could help you out. :)