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lipoprotein Seperation - (Oct/09/2011 )


I am currently in the process of separating lipoproteins LDL, VLDL, VDL from serum, which is a quest in itself! However once I have separated them, how does one actually know that the fraction that you have separated is the particular lipid in question? is there a simple technique one can perform to confirm that the fractions are what I think they are?

Once I have separated the lipids and collected them, I shall access the migration of THP differentiated Macrophages in a Boyden chambre and analyze the chemotaxis.




Hola, I have seen this buena suerte



I am currently trying to work through the methods via the protocol below:

There are many available however i am restricted to one that uses a maximum RPM of 65,000 as thats the fastest rota that we have in the lab. This particular rota hasn't been used in my lab for over 12 Years so we shall see if it yeilds any results.

Hence my earlier post regarding how to make a sucrose gradient, it came from this particular protocol!

I thank you for your assistance.