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primer resuspension - (Oct/05/2011 )

Dear All,

i have received a set of primers ordered from Invitrogen..
for the first time!
am used to order from IDT, & when resuspending i simply enter the website & fill the sheet with the required info. and get my solution ...
but, now ... am kind of not sure ...
does invitrogen has a similar website ?? i explored with no fruitful results ...

so :
here is the certificate of analysis ;
scale of synthesis : 50 nmol
the reverse primer's nmoles = 40.0
the forward primer's nmoles = 39.6
now, to make 100 (uM/L) or (pmol/ul) i will :-
add 400 ul nuclease free water /TE buffer to the reverse &
396 ul to the forward, right ???

grateful ...


That's right. The only unit you didn't give is the easiest to use which is nmoles/mL.

40.0 nmoles
-------------------- = 0.400 mL = 400 uL
100 nmoles/mL

Enjoy your primers.


thank You :)